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CeRD - Research and Dissemination Centre AMP Gaiola

The new Centre for Research and Scientific Dissemination of the Park is located on the cliff in front of the Gaiola islands, in one of the most enchanting stretch of the coast of Naples. In 2008, the building, owned by the Campania Region, was entrusted to the Manager Authority of the Park (The Special Superintendent for Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompei). in 2010, the building was restored and opened to the public after more than 30 years of abandon and decay, also thanks to the collaboration of the CSI Gaiola onlus. Today, the new CeRD represents the main center for the valorization and preservation of the area. Inside the CeRD there are the visit center, a conference room, a small didactic exhibition, a Mediterranean aquarium, a changing room for underwater activities and a scientific laboratory for biological monitoring and educational activities. Also the outdoor spaces surrounding the center have been renovated and transformed in a Mediterranean botanical garden for the educational activities of the Park.

Research and Dissemination Centre AMP Gaiola Underwater Park
Discesa Gaiola, Cala S. Basilio, 80123 - Napoli
Tel/fax: 0812403235 

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