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Discover the Sea of ​​Naples among nature, history and culture ...

You will explore the wonders of this coast under different perspectives, discovering the natural, archaeological and historical resources of the Marine Protected Area, following the experts of the Park through various itineraries of guided tours.

Itineraries with the TRANSPARENT BOTTOM BOAT: "A glance at the Blue between History and Nature" - on board of the glass-bottomed boat Aquavision, this guided tour offers you the possibility to discover the over and under water amenities from the village of Marechiaro to the evocative bay of Trentaremi.


SNORKELING itineraries: a dive into the past, wearing fins and mask” - Seawatching itineraries of different duration and difficulty to discover the submerged archaeological structures and colorful forms of marine life.


SCUBA DIVING itineraries: "A dive into history and gorgonians" - For holders of scuba license, the Park offers various scuba diving itineraries. Those focused on biological aspects, exploring the sea bottom of the Secca della Cavallara (depth max 25m), and those focused on bio and archaeological aspects (max depth 16m) starting from the Secca della Gaiola.


Itineraries BY LAND: Discover the Pausilypon Archaeological and Environmental Park walking through the suggestive Seiano Grotto.


INTEGRATED itineraries: “Explore the Pausilypon imperial villa between land and sea”. The guided tour includes the Pausilypon Archaeological and Environmental Park, which dominates the promontory of Trentaremi, and the neighboring Marine Protected Area ​​Gaiola Underwater Park. You will start from the Seiano Grotto to end your guided visit onboard of the Aquavision boat, for a complete experience of the imperial Villa of Pausilypon by land and sea.

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