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The Marine Protected Area Gaiola Underwater Park, finally freed from the wild anchorage of motorboats, is now a paradise to be enjoyed with the Kayak. However, for this paradise to remain so, there is also need of your help.

Here are some fundamental rules:

Informed kayaker, responsible kayaker

Before putting yourself at sea to reach the Park of Gaiola, learn about the current legislation to know what you can and cannot do in a Marine Protected Area, and where you can and cannot go for environmental protection and safety reasons. Remember that the renter is obliged to inform you, otherwise contact the Park Information Centre. And if you want to do a kayak tour in the Park remember to contact only authorized bodies

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Use your head, think first about your safety

The caves of Trentaremi and the rocky ridges overlooking the sea within the MPA of Gaiola are at high risk of landslide. Avoid stopping in these places! The danger of landslide is real! Underestimating it can cost you your life! Watch out for the Danger signs along the coast and stay away from landslide hazardous areas.

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Uncontaminated areas

because inaccessible

Some areas of the Park are untouched because they are difficult to access to man. Even if the kayak gives you the opportunity to reach every point of the coast, consider the idea of limiting yourself and let some areas remain inaccessible and therefore untouched. Moreover, wherever you go do not leave any trace of your passage, bring back with you any waste and if you find it left by others collect it!

Sensitive habitats you may UNCONSCIOUSLY


The Marine Protected Area is home to very diverse array of habitats and biological communities that you could unconsciously damage, such as the tide pools in the Caves of Trentaremi or the Sea Table and many other rocky platforms surrounding the islands of Gaiola. The continuous dragging of kayaks and trampling on these rocks are causing a serious impoverishment of the mesolittoral zone of the marine ecosystem. This has already led to the disappearance of important biological communities with species that are fundamental to the Mediterranean environment.

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An archaeological heritage



The Marine Protected Area is also a unique Archaeological Park where the remains of the Pausilypon Imperial Villa are present everywhere above and below the sea surface. Consider that, what you are dragging the kayak on could be a semi-submerged Roman structure. In that case the damage is double, to the marine biocenosis that have colonized it, and to the archaeological structure that is being eroded. Also, the so-called "House of the Spirits" is a unique monument of the I Century B.C. and although the entrance to the structure is also prohibited for security reasons, dozens of kayaks enter every day bumping and damaging the opus reticulatum walls of the interior rooms.

Many Canoes = many eyes defending the Park

If you are paddling around the Park with your kayak and you see someone who is carrying out harmful and prohibited activities such as fishing, anchoring, waste disposal, do not turn your head away! You can intervene directly by informing the offender and, if he does not desist, you can inform the Park staff (Tel: 0812403235) and the Coast Guard (Tel: 1530).

If you love kayaking and want to actively contribute to the protection of this coastal paradise of our sea join the project Paddling for the Park

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The Map of the Park: 

The Marine Protected Area Underwater Park of Gaiola extends from the district of Marechiaro to the Bay of Trentaremi (D.I. 07/08/2002)


Red represents the Integral Reserve Area (Zone A),

the most precious and delicate area of the Park both from an archaeological and biological point of view. For these reasons access by any vessel (including kayaks) is prohibited and can be expressly authorized and regulated by the Managing Body.

Yellow represents the General Reserve Area (Zone B), where some anthropic activities with low impact such as transit with rowing or sailing boats is allowed even without permission.

Green Phosphorescent and fuchsia represent the stretch of coast at risk of landslide, where you must keep a safe distance (Order C.P. Naples n. 24/1982 and Joint Order C.P. Naples n 52/2006 and A.P. Naples 09/2006).

Download the map of the Park with all the information

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