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Courses and internships in the AMP

Thanks to its various resources, the Gaiola Underwater Park represents a real ecological and multi-disciplinary laboratory. For this reason, the educational activities are various and diversified according to the topics covered and the season:

  • BIRDWATCHING course: starting from 2007 it has become a fixed appointment for experiencing the sea even in winter. In fact, during the winter season a rich bird-community populates the coast of the Park, making it possible to observe marine nesting and wintering birds, such as the Cormorant, the Herring Gull, the Coral Gull, the Beccapesci and the Kingfisher. It is possible to see here also birds of prey such as the Peregrine Falcon and the Kestrel and passerines such as the Solitary Sparrow. Period of development: February-March.

  • ECODIVING course: starting from 2010 with the inauguration of the new Center for Research and Dissemination of the Park, sustainable diving courses have been activated, under the PADI diving technique. The course includes also marine biology and ecology classes. It is possible to attend also another course, the "Open Diver" level I certification, addressed to divers that possess the fundamental notions of marine biology and ecology for allowing them to practice a non-invasive and environmentally friendly diving.

  • SEAWATCHING course: The course aims to stimulate the observation of the marine environment and its immense biological and archaeological resources. It offers the basic knowledge on marine ecology necessary to learn about and recognize Mediterranean animal and plant species and to understand how the marine ecosystem works. Period of development: June-July and September-October.


  • Internships: training activities in the field of marine biology and underwater archeology dedicated to university students.


  • Cultural events: realization of seminars, exhibitions and scientific and cultural events.

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